2018 Season

11th January

Regular readers of this website (if there are any) might notice that we are a bit ahead of ourselves this year with publication of our OPENING DATE which we have decided will be FRIDAY 23rd MARCH.

Whether this sudden burst of efficiency is due uncharacteristic diligence, or being somewhat inactive currently due to a minor misunderstanding with the horse, I leave to your judgment.

Be that as it may we are planning to put another fish in the Lake this year as, despite all your best endeavors last year, there were three left that I know of.

We are currently negotiating with local stockists to decide who will have the privilege of suppling it this year.  

We did have a stroke of luck during the winter and came across a supplier who had a few small brown trout surplus to requirement which we put in and we hope and expect they will grow to look like those in the photos below – given time.



As ever there will be one or two days this year when the Lake will be restricted for fishing.  You will see them on top of this page and we will update if necessary.

Here’s hoping for a good season and decent weather, as we write this the Lake is fully frozen over – so at least the cormorants are kept out for a bit!!